Bedding Greek Tortoises


Pet keeping recommendation

  • Can be kept in groups to a limited* extent
  • Outdoor facilities with cold frame / greenhouse, structured with hills, roots and plants.
  • Area of min. 25x by 10x shell length
    a 20 cm large turtle needs a floor space of at least 10 m².
  • Earth as substrate in the cold frame/greenhouse
  • Feeding place on stone slab
  • Shade places (caves, bushes)
  • Shallow water bowl
  • Bath basin
  • Warming radiators for transitional or bad weather periods
  • 40 cm deep cave with bedding (bark mulch or beech leaves)
  • Smooth-walled, secure fencing, at least 40 cm high

* Sexually mature animals in appropriate proportion: e.g. several females with 1 male



The litter forms the extra absorbent base. 


Remove soiled bedding: Daily
Complete replacement: At least 1 x per week

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