Bedding quails


Quails belong to the chicken family and were originally native to Europe, Africa and Asia.
They are the smallest of their kind - "mini chickens", so to speak!
These sociable birds need to be kept with other quails, and feel comfortable in groups.
As ground dwellers, they prefer to stay on the ground, but can fly very well; if danger threatens, they use their flying ability and simply take off.

Care recommendation

  • Keep quails in a group
  • 1 cock for 3 - 4 hens
  • Stable or pen with 3 - 4 m² for max. 6 animals, aviary approx. 10 m² Protection from predators
  • nests: at least 20 cm wide, 20 cm deep, 20 cm high
  • Possibility to scratch
  • Heat lamp for the cold season
  • sand bath


Substrate and bedding

The underlay and bedding form an extra absorbent base and a heat-insulating buffer.


Top bedding layer

The top bedding layer encourages the birds to build their nests.


Clean watering place and renew drinking water, remove droppings and soiled litter: 1-2 x daily.
Completely renew the substrate: at least 1-2 times per week.

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