Bedding Ball Python


Pet keeping recommendation

  • Keep singly, can be kept in groups to a limited* extent
  • Terrarium size for up to two snakes (L x W x H in cm) according to the assessment of the German federal ministry of food and agriculture (BMEL):
    Total length of the longest snake x half the length x three quarters of the length (L x B x H)
    (= behaviourally appropriate accommodation according to the German federal ministry of food and agriculture, status 06/18)
  • Ground base which retains moisture
  • Wet boxes with loophole (opaque containers with moist base)
  • Bathing pool

* Sexually mature animals of the same species in appropriate proportion: e.g. 2 – 3 females with 1 male



The litter forms the extra absorbent base. 


 The bedding covers the litter and forms a heat-insulating buffer.


Remove faeces: Daily
Complete replacement of ground base: Min. 2 x per year

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