Bedding llama


The wild forms of the llamas are the guanacos from South America.
Like their ancestors, they are prey animals that live in groups with social structures. Several animals, at least one pair - geldings or mares - get along well together and can also be kept together if the males have been castrated in time. Llamas and alpacas should not be kept together with other animal species, as problems can arise due to different behaviour and parasite contamination.

Care recommendation

  • Keep them in groups, at least in pairs
    Groups of mares or geldings
  • Well-ventilated, draught-free stall with wide exit to the side facing away from the weather, light, but somewhat darker than the surroundings.
    Lying area per animal approx. 2 - 3 m².
    Functional areas for drinking, eating and resting
    Pasture for feeding and exercise: for 2 animals at least 1,000m² plus 100 m² for each additional animal, fence height approx. 1.60 m
  • Space in front of the stable (paddock) with non-slip surface
  • Nearby trees (no fruit trees!) for shade
  • Water in drinking buckets or from a trough
  • For hay feeding in the stable, have several hay boxes standing on the ground


Substrate and bedding

The underlay and bedding form an extra absorbent base and a heat-insulating buffer.



Basic feed with a high content of structured natural fibre.



The bedding forms a comfortable lying surface.


Clean droppings and urine disposal areas in the stall and exercise area: daily.
Complete renewal of the substrate: at least 1 x per week

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