Bedding doves


The southern European rock pigeon is the ancestral mother of many pet species.
The birds should not be kept alone, always (only) in a flock. Their accommodation should be adapted to this and provide suitable breeding sites.
Pigeons are not particularly sensitive to cold, but they do not like draughts; too much humidity does not suit them either.
Your loft must therefore always be properly ventilated and well air-conditioned.

Care recommendation

  • Keeping a pair or a flock
  • Pigeon loft: Stocking density for 4 birds (older pigeons/yearlings) per 1m² or 2 m³, for young pigeons lower by half, room height should not exceed 2.25 m, air humidity should not exceed 60 %, no dust formation.
    If free flight is not possible, spacious aviaries should be available for the birds.
  • Floor grid with 2 - 10 cm clearance from the ground


Substrate and bedding

The underlay and bedding form an extra absorbent base and a heat-insulating buffer.


Top bedding layer / nesting mat

The top bedding layer encourages the birds to build their nests / The climate-friendly rodent rugs are healthy nesting inserts that insulate against heat.


Remove pigeon droppings with a pigeon dropping rake: daily
Complete renewal of the substrate: at least 1-2 times per week

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