The new CHIPSI Homepage

Completely new, fresh, entertaining and versatile. Here is a summary for you...


» Products gives you a detailed description of what each kind of litter is best at doing, what it is made of and what its properties are.

Under » Tips you can find out how to use the right quantity of each kind of litter, and what is the best way of keeping the cage clean. It also tells you whether your animal needs to play – and whether it needs roughage and how much.

» Shop search gives you the addresses of shops where CHIPSI products are obtainable. We also have a whole quantity of tips and suggestions for you on the new page.

For younger CHIPSI fans, » CHIPSI Kids offers ways of passing the time, with painting templates and search games.

If you have any questions, then » Contact is the place to reach us.

We hope you enjoy our new website, and wish you all the best for your pet!

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